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At Agni Software, work is meant to be professional and fun. Every Agniscion, as we like to call ourselves, strives to make the company grow, and to keep the environment joyful.

Agni believes in bringing out the best in each Agniscion, and that is equivalent to bringing out the best in quality, reliability and growth for Agni.

The company has fostered an informal work culture right from the day of its inception. Hierarchies are sidelined for more co-operative business activity, and what drives us is the dream of building a world-class company. Any activity here – be it software development, marketing, administration, people management; is not just a business or an occupation, but a drive to achieve more in a professional way. The environment promotes the concept of ideas, efforts, thoughts, accountability and responsibilities being shared across at all levels. In essence, one of the primary goals of the organization is to build very high levels of professionalism and integrity, and at the same time ensuring that everyone has fun during the journey.

Education at Agni is a continuous process. Learning happens from the employees, from the customers and from the management. In simple words from every individual associated directly or indirectly to the organisation. Seminars, technical discussions, internal newsgroups are alleyway to knowledge sharing and are an ongoing activity in the learning process. Part of the long-term goals at Agni is ensuring proper knowledge management and training so that everyone is geared up for the road ahead.

It’s never only work at Agni. The company meets regularly off-site to let our hair down, relax and have fun. Every workstation is linked to an intranet where there are forums for informal banter, jokes and the like.

We appreciate people with the right attitude. Optimism is in our blood; we never give up. Hierarchies are out; Empowerment is in. If this makes you feel “I want to be an Agniscion“, then get your skates on; it’s the right place for you!










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