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There is no one size fits all solution when it come to Technology. Your requirements need to be tailored to give you the best fit so that it works in real business situations. We provide solutions that make your business process efficient and give edge over your competitors. We at Agni recognise the intricacies of different business and aim to provide a simple and user-friendly solutions.

ERP Solutions from Agni Software includes Consulting, Installation, Training and Post implementation Support.

ERP Solutions

Agni ERP, an Enterprise Wide Solution that handles your department needs of Accounting/Finance, Inventory Management, Production Planning, Sales Force Automation, Fixed Asset Management, MIS etc. Agni ERP solution will be tailored according to your requirements.

Some of the modules include:

System Administration

This module takes care of initial set up for the software to function in a systematic way. What should be the Users Groups and their Rights to various Modules to the extent of transaction level in the system? These are very vital to any ERP system and managing the system starts from here.

Accounting and Financial Management Module
The main advantage of Agni ERP Solution is that Accounting Module is completely Transaction based unlike journal based. This implies most of the accounting functions are handled through relevant transactions in other Modules there by saving lot of time. The Module contains complete functionality required for any Accounting Department right from vouchers to the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account.
Budgeting and Variance Analysis between Budgeted and Actual figures helps in controlling the Enterprise Expenses and Income efficiently. The Module also includes Cost Centres, which is completely flexible in terms of defining Cost Centres and their components. Cost Allocations for General Overheads can also be done on a pre-defined basis and required outputs could be generated for analysis purposes. Outstanding of Payables and Receivables with Aging Analysis of both debtors and creditors are some the features of this module. Overall the module takes care of complete functions of any Accounting department.

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Production Management

Production Management is one of the most significant functions in any of the manufacturing enterprise. Our solution will be catering to your requirement of production management and operations as per your business process. You need to have cost advantage and achieve price leadership in order to have competitive advantage. We can design and implement some of the main tools like Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Bill of Material (BOM), Production Planning and Costing, Production Scheduling, Process Definition, Program Definition, Process and Program Execution, Machines Handling, Job Worker Handling etc., to achieve competitive advantage. Since the System is highly integrated with different modules like Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Finance etc., the information required for production department could be fulfilled. All the functions required for Production Department of your enterprise could be tailored made as per your requirements so that the System works as per your business process and not otherwise.

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Machine Maintenance

For a manufacturing organisation machine maintenance is vital since it could affect the efficiency of the production. We could design the maintenance as per your requirements so that it could handle both Preventive and Breakdown maintenance. If there is a breakdown of machines, the system maintains the reasons for breakdown and the history also. The management can even know the efficiency of a particular machine as on any date. The machine maintenance can also have extensive reporting system so that it would generate relevant reports.

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Inventory Management

In today’s competitive world, management of Inventory is one of the key functions to achieve Competitive Advantage in the Industry. Agni ERP Solution helps you to achieve this since all the activities of an enterprise would be highly integrated and the information of Production, Sales and Purchase etc., would be available at fingertips.

Different Stock Valuation methods like Standard, Simple Average, Moving Weighted Average, LIFO and FIFO. And viewing stocks in different Valuation are some of the unique features of this module. Keeps track of Inventory Stock levels so that you can maintain optimum level of stocks. Bar code enabled for capturing receipts and dispatches, Stock Transfers, Stock Adjustments, Stock Ledger, all possible reports and analysis helps in managing and keep good control of Inventory.

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Sales and Marketing Management

Sales and Marketing Management being one of the key departments of any enterprise, it is very important for you to manage your prospects and clients so that your organisation gets the insights of demand and preferences of the market, competitors, trends etc., You also need to mange your Sales and Marketing Executives so that your organisational goals are in sync with the departmental goals. Our solution will help you to manage the Sales and Marketing functions in a better way so that you can optimise the sales figures and also help you to have more delighted customers. We have gained enormous domain knowledge in this area by giving solutions to many of our delighted clients who were not only able to create value by increase in sales but also by creating more satisfied customers.

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Purchase Management

Procurement of materials comprises a major portion of costs in any Manufacturing Enterprise. You must be facing the problems of sourcing the right material from the right vendor at the right time. We have Vendor Management, which enables the purchase department to evaluate the vendors for procurement of materials so that one of the main objectives of the purchase department is accomplished. Since the solution would be highly integrated with other modules of the enterprise like Inventory, Finance, Production, Sales etc., the purchase department will have the right information at any point of time. Many of our clients have appreciated Agni for improving the efficiency of the production department itself. In today’s competitive market you should have cost advantage and it starts from Purchase Department.

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Management Information System (MIS)

This is the key information module to any Organisation; Agni ERP Solution will have all the required real time reports and analysis of each and every module according to your requirements. This module will help the End-User or the Management in analyzing the transactions on real time. Any organisation without proper information is a drawback for the competency. We provide flexible analysis and reporting system so that the right information for the right people is available on real time. The MIS could be in Graphical representation as well as in Report formats. Agni’s MIS module has been appreciated and accepted by various clients for its flexibility, user friendliness and accuracy that have helped them to take right decisions at the right time. This Module can have both Executive Decision Support System (EDSS) and Management Information System (MIS) with respect to the user rights. Agni aims in providing the right Information System to improve your competency in the Industry.

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