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Other Technical Projects



We have listed below a few of the projects that we have developed. This may give you an insight into our development capabilities. If you are interested in a particular project, we could arrange for a demonstration so you can see them working.

Child Relief and You (CRY)
Donation Management System

Financial donations at CRY are received either from individuals or corporate houses. Corporate donations can be employees/employers of any particular organisation who give a part (fixed/%) of their salaries every fixed period or at one time, as donations to CRY. Donations can be in INR or any other foreign currency. Non-financial donations, like clothes, medicine, etc are also received by CRY. Some of the back office work is outsourced by CRY. CRY Donation Management System (CRY DMS) is an approach to manage the donations received by CRY. Donor profiling, donor trend, donor history generation, receipting, donor servicing, donor retention, Effective and cost based campaign management, etc are few of the distinguished features provided in CRY DMS.

Financial Accounting System

All Non Governmental Organisations and Non Profit Organisations in India maintain their books of accounts as per the Bombay Trust Act. CRY keeps a computerized system for their existing accounting and MIS requirements. CRY FAS requires maintaining the books of accounts for a non-profitable organization (as per the Act). It also integrates with their other systems like CRY Donation Management System (CRY DMS). CRY FAS maintains cost centres and parallel cost centres. The accounts and the cost centres are parallely maintained to track budgets/targets with that of the actuals. CRY FAS works across all branches. A provision to transfer branch transactions to the head office and vice versa is also available.

Contact Management System

The CRY CMS system deals with handling the entire front Office Activity (including Marketing) of CRY, i.e. interaction with Corporate/Individual donors, Product Buyers, etc. The main purpose of the application is to act as a contact management system to have better servicing, strategic information analysis & to avoid information concentration with one person or an entity. This application can either lead to CRY DMS or CRY DSS (Development Support System) or CRY FAS. Data once entered in CRY CMS can automatically get carried forward to CRY DMS or CRY DSS. CRY CMS also caters to Donor Servicing.

Volunteer Management System

CRY VMS is a system of tracking volunteers of CRY. It captures volunteer details either through the CRY website or manually, through the CRY Offices. The volunteers can donate their time, skills like ideas/thoughts/activities taken up on behalf of CRY. The system lists out volunteers with their skill sets and their time for volunteering. CRY, depending on the activity requirements, make available relevant volunteers, for the activity. The system is integrated with CRY DMS and hence checks if the volunteers are/were donors. Various reports can be generated based on this.










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