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Agni FinAcc

FinAcc is programmable business automation software and Agni Software’s flagship product. It is developed specifically for Indian Businesses. Agni FinAcc is versatile, Business Automation software that offers robust and flexible features, with a very intuitive user interface. Agni FinAcc can maintain accounts, process inventory, sales and purchases, manage production, manage pre-sales activity and most importantly build queries for data that can be customised and viewed in a variety of ways. Agni FinAcc is India’s first and only Programmable Business Automation software that adapts to business, instead of business adapting to the software.

FinAcc has been released all over India in November 1999 (In Bangalore IT.COM 1999) Some of the features of FinAcc that makes it so user friendly and power packed are:

Modules of Agni FinAcc

Accounts and Financial Management Module
Some of the main features in this module are:

Accounting Module includes- Tree of Accounts, Vouchers, General Ledger, Bank Book, Cash Book, Day Book, Cash Flow, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss with Trading, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation, Budget Target Analysis and many more.

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Inventory Management

Some of the main features of this module are:

Reporting Module:

For more information download Detail feature list of FinAcc

Click here for information on Agni FinAcc ver 2.5 release

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