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  1. Web Services/SOAP
    The Simple Object Access Model is the new and revolutionary way to access services over the Internet. A new technology, SOAP has been actively supported by a number of companies including IBM, Microsoft, Sun and Borland (with the Delphi 6 release). Apart from being an effective way to provide and access services on the Internet, SOAP is also useful for interoperating between different languages and different operating systems. Agni Software has a research team working on SOAP, with our developments mapped out at:
    Know more in White Papers on Soap

  2. Extensible Markup Language (XML)
    XML is a fairly new technology, and most tools for XML are in their infancy. Even so, we have been in touch with progress in this area and have built middle tier solutions using XML. At this time, we have a rudimentary XML parser built, mostly for in-house use. Some of us will be presenting technical papers on this technology in international conferences.

  3. Microsoft .NET Framework
    We have worked with the Microsoft .NET framework since its early betas in 2000. We understand and have worked with the C# language, VB.NET, ASP.NET. Also part of our research have been Remoting, multi-tier applications using Datasets, Web services, Interoperability with COM and Windows DLLs and Mobile applications using the Mobile version of the framework.

  4. Financial Accounting
    We have developed financial accounting software and business management packages for our clients in India and abroad. The solutions we have provided include automation of business processes (production cycles, remote location management etc.), financial accounting solutions (payroll, accounts receivable/payable, invoicing, bank reconciliation, balance sheet generation etc.) and Resource management(inventory control, attendance recording, bar code generation etc.).
    We can modules for business automation and financial accounting, including bank reconciliation, accounts payable/receivable, inventory management, sales/purchase orders and job scheduling.
    Read all about our ERP solution, Agni FinAcc.

  5. Component Object Model (COM) and COM+
    At Agni, we have used COM in a number of ways. We have studied COM in depth: we were the leading corporate trainers in COM and Active Template Library (ATL) technologies in Bangalore, having trained developers at IBM India, Wipro, and Satyam Software. (we have since moved our focus out of training and into software development)
    We have developed COM Automation Servers for Active Server Pages (ASP).

    Apart from this, we develop COM Automation Servers for internal use in our Financial Accounting Package, Agni Finacc.

    We have researched and developed Single and Multi-threaded Apartment servers and clients for them. We have used DCOM in our training courses for demonstration. While developing a MAPI client, we have researched using MAPI interfaces and using structured storage.

    We have also used COM in MIDAS, with some tweaks to make it easier to port projects to a multi-tier system. Our developers are also researching COM+ in Windows 2000, to be able to integrate some of the new concepts more easily into future applications.

  6. The Internet
    Common Gateway Interface (CGI), HTML/DHTML, VBScript/Javascript
    Active Server Pages (ASP) , ISAPI.
    We have built ISAPI applications, ISAPI filters and ASP components. We have a commercial ASP component at .We have built CGI exe's and used VBScript/Javascript in commercial applications.

  7. Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)
    MTS is an NT 4.0 technology that we have used it for transaction management. MTS has been helpful in developing server components and for simplifying development of out-of-process COM servers.

  8. Active Directory Services (ADSI)
    We have worked with Active directory for maintaining web sites, managing LDAP based systems, and for user and web management.
    Read our white paper on using ADSI in Delphi.

  9. OLE and Windows Shell programming
    At Agni, we’ve built Shell extensions like context menus, virtual folders, etc. As part of SmartBackup (a tool developed for a client in Germany) we wrote a Shell Extension that added items to the Shell context menu. We’ve developed a custom Task bar too.

  10. Visual C++ 6.0
    We have developed Client Server Applications, OLE Controls and Multimedia presentation tools in Visual C++. Our experience with Visual C++ goes back to 1995 : some of us were involved in developing ActiveX controls and Shell extensions back then. Now we use Visual C++ to build ATL components for size and speed. Visual C++ is more useful in the middle tier now, where we require cross-network (DCOM) and cross-process functionality.

  11. Active Server Pages (ASP)
    We are well versed with ASP technology: we have used it for developing both Intranet and Internet applications. ASP fits in as a presentation layer for our components where we choose to use the browser as a client.
    We are also well versed in ASP.NET and writing components and classes for writing web based software.

  12. Socket Programming
    We have developed a number of programs on Windows 95/NT, which communicate through TCP/IP. We have used the Winsock Implementation for all our programs. We frequently use sockets to communicate with POP, FTP and HTTP servers for low-level calls that commercial components do not support.

  13. VCL Components
    In the component arena, we have designed and developed many components for Delphi and C++Builder. Many of these components are available in the internet and you can also download from here

  14. Internet Commerce
    We have worked with CyberCash, ICVerify and SSL/SET security specifications.

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