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Multilevel Marketing



Agni has gained expertise in both the vertical as well as the horizontal domains. Under its vertical domain the company offers quality solutions for Manufacturing, Multi Level Marketing, Jewellery, NGOs, Insurance, Healthcare and the Retail Segment. Horizontal domain includes a wide range of services such as Re-engineering, ERP implementation, Product migration and Enterprise Knowledge Management Systems. The specified suite of enterprise applications is meant to address all functions of a vertical segment or a horizontal market segment across verticals.

Agni’s Business Application Solutions empowers your company to improve the efficiency of operations and ultimately your company’s bottom line. In addition to powerful capabilities, the leading edge technology of the Agni Business Application Solution produces ease of use, flexibility and helps your company gain competitive advantage.

The insurance industry is extremely vast and complicated. Agni can offer you various kinds of services in this industry:

Claims processing:
We can build applications that will ensure claims are processed fast and efficiently. Operator flexibility is the key, and we aim to improver operator productivity while processing claims.
Insurance Accounting and automation:
Insurance accounting is quite a complicated task, given the fact that there are so many issues with regulation, taxes, filing, commissions, brokers/underwriters, endorsements etc. We can build applications that automate part of this task for you and help build better and more flexible solutions.
Document management:
It’s important to maintain documents so that you can get to them faster, and easily. Agni software offers document management solutions for easy maintenance of your policies, endorsements, quotes, binders and the like. You can design your templates in common word processing tools, and the document management system will integrate and process these templates to generate and maintain documents. The documents can be retrieved at any time and are indexed in a database for quick searches.

Workflow solutions:
Agni offers you workflow solutions that will ease the task of issuing claims, policies, reimbursements, payments etc. You can enforce hierarchical constraints and automate workflow, thereby ensuring that all your checks and balances are in place.

Insurance is a highly regulated industry, so audit controls are very important. For this purpose, Agni can write audit control solutions customized to your purpose that will help you track and control business issues within your organization.
Business Intelligence:
Reporting and charting solutions that will make sense of your data. We can help you analyze your past data for better decision-making and help you make more informed decisions.










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