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Process in Agni

The processes, methodologies and delivery mechanisms are aimed at delivering high quality software solutions, because we believe in long-term relationships with our customers. By helping you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges ahead, we help you to make more efficient use of your resources, define outcomes that are realistic and consequently realise a higher return on your investment. In all aspects of this role, we operate from a position of true independence, representing your interests at all times.

Our experience has been that software requirements are rarely static. There are some exceptions, but largely requirements and functionality changes happen during entire software development life cycle. This skews all estimates, costs and schedules. But given that this is going to happen, and is going to be for the benefit of you, we will anticipate and plan for such changes. Our plan usually involves close contact with you throughout the lifecycle of the project, and an evolving product / solution that you get to see through the lifecycle, in predetermined milestones

Agni sees the entire life cycle of the project in four broad steps.


This is the first stage of the project, which forms the basis of the entire project. This involves analysis of the current process and system, including:

Based on this, the System analysis will be carried out and after a thorough analysis, we generate the software requirement specifications (SRS)- the in depth document describing the entire project. The SRS is then discussed with you, to the finer details.

The project is then split into milestones and the corresponding deliverables, and time estimates are generated based on the work estimate. The SRS, along with time estimates, milestone details and business figures (pricing, intermediate costs etc.) forms the proposal. This is then discussed with you, further SRS changes are made if required. Once the proposal is accepted, a contract or software license agreement is signed taking us to the project’s next phase.

The marketing and pre-sales team then works with the technical team to design the system architecture. At Agni, we believe in reusing, rather than re-inventing. Where we can, we choose pre-existing and tested components and modules and design the application. We also allow for future changes, since requirements are bound to change in any evolving project. Further more, we target milestones and build in a “freeze” date beyond which specifications will not evolve – this is crucial for timely completion of a project.

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After system architecture and design, we enter into a stage that is circular by nature. Here the project passes through Requirements Management, Development, Testing, and Pre-release stages. During this cycle, two stages - requirement management and Pre-release stage requires your full attention. We are in constant coordination with you to mould the software to your requirements.

For our internal audits and project management, we have standardised processes for the remaining two stages also. . We constantly look for more optimised solutions, better and more efficient and maintainable code. We have a very well written coding conventions document that we try to follow for every project. Yes, some projects and customers will require us to follow their own convention, which is perfectly agreeable. The point is to have more maintainable codes.

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This stage is very important for both of us, since all the efforts put behind the project depends on this stage. For the project to be successful we need complete support from your organisation. We call this deployment of the software solution.

Agni will help you define the ideal implementation approach for your organisation. Amongst other things, the choice of implementation approach must take into account the time, cost & resourcing restrictions and your organisation’s ability to absorb change. Based on these Agni will chart out an implementation plan, which will include time frame, type of resources involved and the full schedule of the plan.

Agni will also help your organisation for change management and transition of the system. After the initial implementation has been successfully completed, we would highly recommend that you establish a continuous improvement program to maintain and further enhance the value of your investment. We can help you define a framework to achieve this, ensuring that improvements are prioritised in line with the overall strategies of your organisation.

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The final stage of the software development life cycle, which puts Agni much ahead in customer satisfaction.

We not only support the product built by us, we will also be there in case you need to maintain it in future. We believe in customer satisfaction and aim for long term relationship with you. We make sure that we are there when you need our help for maintenance, new requirements and software consultation. We also make sure that our need to support the solution we have provided, is to the minimum.

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