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Agni Software offers a number of services for your business. Click below for details on individual service offerings:

  1. Offshore Software development: If your business requires a solution, we can build it for you. Our technical team has worked on a number of industry domains and has provided solutions to customers worldwide. (Read more)

  2. Software Consulting: You may need to evaluate your business to find out what you need, in terms of IT infrastructure and solutions. Let us talk to your managers and operating staff – we’ll use our vast resources of experience and previously built solutions to help you build what’s required. (Read more)

  3. Joint product development: Do you have an idea for a product but require technical support? We can build the product with you. (Read more)

  4. System Analysis, Architecture and Design: We can analyse your business requirements, in co-ordination with you, design applications that will suit your purpose. And even suggest changes in process that will help automate your business better. (Read more)

  5. Marketing Services: Need help in marketing your products or your services? We’ll help you build IT infrastructure to support your marketing team, and also give you ideas on avenues to market and support your products. (Read more)

  6. Support Services: You built it, but you don’t want to hire more people to support it? We’re there for you – we’ll train our personnel to support your product, both on email and on the phone. (Read more)

  7. QA and Documentation: Sometimes building a product can be overwhelming, especially in the areas of product quality and documentation. We have experience in both areas, and can extend our team to provide Quality Assurance services, and help you with documentation. (Read more)









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