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Case Studies :
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Agni has provided wide range of software services and solutions to customers across the world. We focus on customer delight in every step in our PROCESS to make sure our customers are happy and are reassured that they have chosen the right IT partner. Go through our case studies to see how we have delivered measurable returns for our customers.

Online Conference Scheduling Application
How does one schedule the best path through the conference, to gain the maximum from it? (Read)

Psychiatric Evaluation System
In the field of psychiatry, correct diagnosis depends on correct assessment of a patient, their history and current symptoms. There are standard question sets, that are designed by organizations such as the UN to allow for an inference-based methodology. Evaluation can also be collated and a better understanding of subjects reached, by automating the process of questioning and rating. (Read)

ERP Solution for a manufacturing concern (Plastics)
The competition factor in the business environment has made many manufacturing companies to have a strong system in place and many organisations have realised the importance of IT as a strategic tool to achieve competitive advantage. (Read)

Contact Management System
In today’s business environment having good relationship with contacts is the most challenging aspect. Contacts can be customers, vendors, prospective clients, leads, etc. Each contact type requires different treatment. (Read)

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