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Print your decision cube grids

Looking at loads of newsgroup requests on "How do I print a decision cube grid?” we decided to do something about it - here's our contribution to the list of answers.

The new TDecisionGridRpt component previews and prints a DecisionCube Grid. TDecisionGridRpt can show the preview either in its own TQuickRep or through your already designed TQuickRep. You can set colours & fonts for each DecisionGrid UI elements like CaptionFont, CaptionColor etc; It can also throw an OutOfPage caution event.

Check it out! It's all at Works with Delphi 4 and 5. Please mail us if you have any problems, questions or suggestions about TDecisionGridRpt. Oh, yes, and it's FREEWARE WITH SOURCE!.

TAgBlend - "Alpha blending" in Windows (A "faded" effect in your forms)
The TAgBlend Component enables Alpha Blending in your forms. This is like having a faded form, where you can see "through" your form into the background (or so it seems). You can even make part of your form "transparent". To use TAgBlend, you must drop it on a form, set the required properties and then set Active = TRUE.


BlendType: Alpha = Alpha blending ("fade" effect)
ColorKey = makes one colour transparent
Opaque = nothing's transparent
TransparentColor : When BlendType = ColorKey, represents the colour that will be transparent.
Opacity: When BlendType = Alpha, this gives the opacity (0-255). This is the extent to which the form "fades".

Download AgBlend with source code (FREE)

This is BETA software. All problems may be reported to us. Feel free to mail us any suggestions or Updates.


Agni Win2000 FileOpenDialog available for download!

FilterIndex Bug fixed (03 Jan 2001)
Support for Windows ME added (12 Sep 2000)

Users of Windows 2000 would have noticed that there's a Different File Open Dialog in applications like Notepad. There's a bar on the left that has button links to common folders like My Documents, History etc. It isn't very difficult to use this common dialog, but Delphi's TOpenDialog will not allow you to do so. We have built two new components:TAgOpenDialog and TAgSaveDialog, that are now available for download.

These components have one more property: ShowPlacesbar, that makes the left bar visible. (Only on Windows 2000. The property has no effect on other versions of Windows.)

The source code is included, and the components are FREE.
The files were built on Delphi 5, Enterprise Version, and Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Please mail us if you have any problems.

Download the File Open Dialog components



Have you ever tried to open .DFM files outside Delphi? They usually show up as junk in Notepad, because they are not text files! FormRead is a utility that allows you to read .DFM files as text, and modify them. This gives you a file view on the left for you to explore your hard drives. When you come across a .DFM file, click on it and you'll see the text on the right. As simple as that.
We have added some GREAT features for you in FormRead 1.5!

Here's a Screen Shot of FormRead:

Download FormRead 1.5



FinAcc Feature List
Download the Agni FinAcc Feature List

Agni Solution for NGOs – Donation Management System
Download the Agni NGO Solution.ppt

Download the Donation Management System.pdf

Agni Solution for Spring Manufacturing Concerns
Download the Agni Production Solutions.ppt

Agni Solution for Contact Management
Download the Agni CMS.ppt

Agni Business Intelligence Solution
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