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Technical papers




Agni has gained enormous experience, knowledge in various domains and has done lot of research in specific areas. We present a selection of our white papers on various technical and non-technical topics.

These white papers are written to provide logical information on some of the areas with respect to technologies and industry specific software services and solutions. We hope the technical white papers will help you understand and implement in a better way. This section will be constantly updated, so keep checking our website for the latest updates.

How does outsourcing work?
Outsourcing is a leap of faith for most: after all, it’s difficult enough to hire talented people where you are, so how can you trust someone you’ve never seen or spoken to? We understand your concern and consider building this very trust as the basic building block of a good relationship. (Read more)

ERP a Strategic Tool
Whichever industry you are in, manufacturing (made to order or made to stock), trading or service industry, the customer needs and requirements are changing in a very rapid way. Companies, who keep track of changes in the needs and requirement of the customers and adapt themselves effectively, are going to have an edge over others (Read)

Technical papers

Optimizing Web Applications
Learn about how you can optimize ISAPI applications written in Delphi. Included are some tips on ASP.NET optimizations, and sample code. (Read)

Advanced Web Services
Learn about more advanced concepts in web services, such as Binary Transfer, Attachments, Compression, Encryption and Interoperability. (Read)

Using the Web App Debugger
Delphi's Web App Debugger and a developer's guide to debugging web applications. (Read)

Download Progress in SOAP
This paper talks about about how to show a progress bar showing the amount of data downloaded, and what's still left to come. (Read)

COM+ in Delphi
Learn how to use COM+ in Delphi. This paper talks about Object Pooling, COM+ Events, Queued Components, Security and COM+ Administration. Code samples are included. This paper was presented at the Borland Annual Conference 2002, at Anaheim, California. (Read)

Active Directory in Delphi
Microsoft has released Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) for Windows 9x, NT and Windows 2000, and now it's inbuilt in Windows 2000. The Windows 2000 application specification states that you must use Active Directory when you can, so now you're thinking: How are YOUR applications going to adapt? What changes do you need to make? How are you going to use Delphi effectively to make these changes? (Read)

XML in Delphi
This paper talks about how you can use Extensible Markup Language (XML) to exchange data between your server and client - a solution that is demonstrated in this paper to be scalable to remote access, with reduced code-maintenance. (Read)

SOAP and Web Services
The basics of web services: SOAP, WSDL, and what they really stand for. (Read)

Introduction to SOAP
This paper gives you an introduction to SOAP, the protocol, the stuff "behind the curtain" etc. Applies to SOAP. (Read)

Using ADO.NET datasets in Delphi
See how you can use a .NET dataset in Delphi, using XML Mapper and TClientDataset. (Read)

Debugging SOAP Data
See your SOAP packet data go back and forth. Two approaches to how you can take a deeper look. (Read)

Binary File Transfer using SOAP
This paper talks about how you can upload and download binary files using SOAP. Also included is a sample on how to compress and decompress the transferred data. (Read)




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