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Case Study: ERP Solution for a Manufacturing Concern

Industry: Manufacturing (Polypet)
Products and Technologies used: Borland Delphi and Interbase
Company: Agni Software Private Limited.


One of the leading polypet manufacturing enterprise in India wanted to integrate all the department functions so that the efficiency of the organisation as a whole could be improved. The competition factor in the business environment has made many manufacturing companies to have a strong system in place and many organisations have realised the importance of IT as a strategic tool to achieve competitive advantage, this organisation is one of them. This company wanted to have an effective pre sales module, which could include costing and feasibility till the despatch of goods. Since the competition is becoming fierce day-by-day, every one wants to be a price leader and wants to increase the customer base and loyalty. For this, enterprise should achieve the least production cost and better quality over other players in this industry.

This organisation wanted to integrate various departmental functions and wanted to have a strong Enterprise Resource Planning system in place in order to achieve competitive advantage over others.

The Challenge

This Industry works backwards (i.e. starts with having packing material ready, then the accessories like cap, label etc., to be ready and then start the manufacturing of the actual jar/ bottle.). The other challenges are with the lead management where the leads information is to be captured so that the feasibility analysis could also be done. The production planning process has to be in the reverse manner. The delivery time with schedules and the logistics management was the most challenging solutions that were required. The effectiveness of packing and the loadability of the goods to the Vehicle/Containers were also most complicated.

Since these industries provide poly pet packing solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), it’s very important to maintain stringent quality standards and delivery time schedules. The importance of matching the demand and supply of OEM’s is crucial as the productivity of the clients depends on the material supplied by them. Since the main clients for these industries are OEM’s, sometimes the customers supply many of their goods and handling these goods requires special treatment in terms of Inventory Management. Not all are customers are OEM’s; these industries will also have their own models or package solutions which can be sold in the market.

Hence combination of stock based and made to order manufacturing concept is also prevalent and the ERP system should handle both methods. Machine handling is also important in this industry and this includes not only machines but also the moulds. The life of the moulds and its management, machine performance with maintenance of machines was also to be managed in the system. Overall the system should be flexible and user friendly to incorporate changes in the business process in the future.

The Solution

Agni Software provided a scalable, integrated ERP Solution so that all the challenges mentioned could be managed. The system is highly integrated to all the different department functions like the Production Department, Purchase Department, Finance and Accounts department, Sales and Marketing department, Machine Maintenance Department, Inventory Management and to the Quality Control Department. Since the system is integrated, all the departments can communicate effectively with no confusions and the efficiency of the organisation is improved.

The following modules were provided to this organisation:

Overall the system provided is simple and flexible and the transactions have been simplified and integrated. The system is able to handle all the challenges in this industry with respect to software.


The solution provided is simple, scalable, and secure. The organisation is able to see some changes in terms of efficiency of various departments and hopes to see the efficiency of the organisation as a whole in a matter of few months.


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