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-----------------------------------------------------------------------WE have built many applications for the healthcare industry that cater to healthcare units all over the world. Some of the modules we have worked on are:

Automation of hospital accounting:

Clinics and hospitals require accounting technology to maintain in-patient and outpatient information. We have built accounting solutions that cater to this requirement, including supplier payments, receivables, consultant fees etc.

Hospital management:

Beyond the regular use of accounting, the software has also been used in hospitals to automate resource management, ICU monitoring, integration with test equipment, OT scheduling, Doctor and consultant scheduling, inventory control, medical transcription and report generation and collation. We have and can build such software for you.

Psychiatric evaluation and clinical trials:

We have built applications for clinical trials using ICD-9 and DSM-4 codes and have integrated these with diagnostic software that give a first level assessment based on user input. We have built multi-lingual and multi-user software that will even learn based on continued input. To maintain audits and for education, we have also provided the ability to record voice conversations and replay them at a later stage.

Pharmacy management:

We have provided accounting, POS and inventory control solutions for pharmacies, including support for expiration, indexing and report generation.










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