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SOAP And Web Services

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SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a platform independent way of accessing services using XML. It's like a function call in XML - decide which function you want to call and what the parameters should be, package this information in an XML format and send it to a server, located anywhere in the Internet. The server then executes this function and sends you the result, again packaged as XML. This page gives you more information about SOAP and Web Services, and in particular the Delphi implementation

Articles from Agni

Using ADO.NET datasets in Delphi(18 April 2002, Deepak Shenoy)
See how you can use a .NET dataset in Delphi, using XML Mapper and TClientDataset. (Read)

Debugging SOAP Data (27 March 2002, Deepak Shenoy)
See your SOAP packet data go back and forth. Two approaches to how you can take a deeper look. (Read)

Binary File Transfer using SOAP(10 February 2002, Deepak Shenoy)
This paper talks about how you can upload and download binary files using SOAP. Also included is a sample on how to compress and decompress the transferred data. (Read)

Introduction to SOAP (Long ago, Deepak Shenoy)
This paper gives you an introduction to SOAP, the protocol, the stuff "behind the curtain" etc. Applies to SOAP. (Read)

What's the deal?
So you might be thinking, "is this of any use to me"? Or, "I need to Web-Service-Enable my project, What do I do?" Feel free to mail us at any of your questions. We'll try and answer to the best of our abilities.

Agni Software also provides consulting and software development services on SOAP and Web Services. Talk to us for more information. Has this page been helpful to you? Suggestions? Comments? Let us know! <>


Other Articles and links

Shiv Kumar's Delphi Apostle
Very nicely written site. Check out the "Tutorials" link for some really neat tutorials on SOAP,ISAPI, and related Web technologies.

Alessandro Federici's DSOAP Site
Another well written site, has papers on using the MS SOAP SDK with Delphi, and a full framework in Delphi for using it (DSOAP).

Dr. Bob's Dynamic Soap Paper generator


Borland's Community site

Unofficial SOAP Fixes

Using SOAP without a Web server

Developing Web Services with Borland/Intel


SOAP on Apache

W3C Soap Note

Microsoft and SOAP

Borland Delphi

Web services available(xmethods)

Lucin Salcentral


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