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Agni Software has a sound Delphi background, and have been working with Delphi since version 2. We have developed components, Wizards, Internet applications (CGI/ISAPI) and Developer tools in Delphi. Borland Software Corporation has chosen us as Tools and Developer Partners for Delphi.

Most of our products have been developed in Delphi. We have a number of Visual Control Library (VCL) controls and components designed for in-house use in our products. Some of the other areas we’ve worked with:

  1. Multi-tier(Delphi 5 onwards), with BDE and ADO. We have built MIDAS/DataSnap servers and clients that work on DCOM and sockets. We have built excellent and scalable products for Delphi using MIDAS/DataSnap, and have also implemented cross platform access using Kylix. We have also used WebBroker and SOAP to access remote data over the internet.

  2. BDE/ADO connectivity, DBISAM databases, InterbaseExpress components, Oracle components, ASTA.

  3. OLE automation: We have connected products to OLE servers such as Microsoft Word, Excel etc. and enabled cross-product communication using Delphi.

  4. Windows API: We have gone beyond what has been provided in Delphi and used newer technologies such as Task Scheduler API, ADSI, XML interfaces, COM+ interfaces etc.

  5. User Interface enhancements: Some of our projects involve building rich user interfaces, using graphical enhancements. We have used charting components, built components for more usable grids and controls, integrated “skins” for applications and have also enabled XP “themes” in Delphi applications.

  6. Component development: We have been building components for three years, both for internal use and for distribution. Check the Downloads page

  7. Web Development: We have developed Web based applications using Webbroker, Websnap and Intraweb. We have built a number of web applications for intranet and internet use, and many of these link with databases at the server end.

  8. Scripting technologies: Some applications require to be “scripted” by the end-user, which we have provided to our software. We have integrated VBScript, JScript and even Pascal scripting in our applications – this way users can control the behaviour of the application externally.

  9. C API conversion - Since we also work on Visual C++ , we are able to convert a number of C/C++ APIs for use in Delphi.

We have also started and maintained the India Delphi User Group (INDUG). Read about it at

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