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  1. Borland Delphi: Agni Software has a sound Delphi background, and have been working with Delphi since version 2. We have developed components, Wizards, Internet applications (CGI/ISAPI) and Developer tools in Delphi. Borland Software Corporation has chosen us as Tools and Developer Partners for Delphi.
    Most of our products have been developed in Delphi. We have a number of Visual Control Library (VCL) controls and components designed for in-house use in our products. Some of the other areas we’ve worked with:
    1) MIDAS (Delphi onwards), with BDE and ADO. We have built MIDAS/DataSnap servers and clients that work on DCOM and sockets.
    2) BDE/ADO connectivity, DBISAM databases, InterbaseExpress components, Oracle components, ASTA.
    3) Component development: We have been building components for three years, both for internal use and for distribution. Check the Downloads page
    4) C API conversion - Since we also work on Visual C++ , we are able to convert a number of C/C++ APIs for use in Delphi.
    We have also started and maintained the India Delphi User Group (INDUG). Read about it at

    Read more about our Delphi Expertise

  2. .NET Development: We use Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Borland CSharpbuilder 1.0 for .NET development. We are well versed with the C# language and the .NET framework classes, and can provide you with excellent development teams to build applications on this platform. Some of our skills include
    1) Remoting and building multi-tier applications
    2) Web development using ASP.NET
    3) Winforms development for rich user interfaces
    4) Component building for Visual tools
    5) Interoperability with existing software using COM (+), remoting and DLL interfacing.

  3. Client Server Databases: We have worked on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Borland Interbase, and Sybase SQL Anywhere. These form the data layer in our n-tier applications, and our COM components interface with this layer either directly or through other middle tier components. We have a very good working knowledge of SQL and database optimization – we use this in designing our applications.

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