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Agni Software believes in building high quality products and solutions, and we have developed and marketed products both in India and abroad. Products continue to be on our roadmap for the future and we will be glad to assist you in a joint product development venture. A few examples of where joint product development would work:

  1. You have a product idea, and we can provide the consulting and development services to make the product a reality.
  2. You would like to extend our existing solutions to markets that are large and that you have considerable experience in. This will make sure we can reuse our technology, to tap markets that were earlier inaccessible.
  3. You would like to reduce your investment on development, maintenance and support on product ideas that you have.

In all these cases you could have us work with you on a development or consultancy contract as well, but joint product development gives you additional benefits:

  1. Agni’s return would be measurable in royalties as well, so the initial cost would be considerably lower.
  2. This also promotes a greater buy-in from Agni, since there is part ownership of the product.
  3. Additional design feedback and input is imperative from Agni’s side, in architecture, in production, in support and even in marketing.

The phases of product development can be broadly classified as:

Product Idea, Market Research and Plan
In depth study of the market is made and a product idea is conceived based on the study. A preliminary plan of the product will be laid out explaining the product, the target market, the longevity of the product and other such vital details.

Product Specification and Design
A detailed specification of the product is laid out and the product is designed based on the specifications. The Design involves complete User Interface Design (Agni adheres to Microsoft Windows User Interface guidelines), the class design (Agni uses a variation of Booch methodology), and the Product flow control design. The initial prototype of the product is carried out in this phase. A constant study of the market is made and the product specification may change as the market need changes, but Agni discourages any change in the specification after more than 60% into the product development cycle and will move the new features into the next release of the product.

Product Implementation
The coding of the product is undertaken and the product is implemented. The product will be split into milestones and the product deadlines will be based on these milestones. At the end of each milestone, the different modules of the product is integrated and an integrated build is made and tested.

Product Quality Testing
Agni strongly believes in Quality products and quality is of top priority in every phase of the product development. Quality is run in parallel with all the other phases, and after every milestone a thorough quality testing is done on the product. Agni will follow the Windows User Interface guidelines for the User Interface testing and the market understanding for testing the product as a whole.

User Manual and Technical Documentation
Apart from the Online help, a user manual will be written to explain the complete working of the product. The user manual will be written from the end-user's point of view and will detail the steps to be taken to do each operation using the product. The technical documentation will detail out the technical characteristics of the product and how a user with good technical know how can understand the system better and fine tune the product for optimum performance. The documentation will begin right from the design stage and will be constantly updated throughout the product development.

Product Marketing
Marketing forms a very key area of product development and will involve a lot of resources. This may include packaging the product, finding customers, providing promotional stuff like product brochures, demo CDs etc., advertising the product worldwide and providing continuous feedback on the market reaction for the product.

Technical Support and User Training
This involves providing complete technical support to the customer in knowing the product better and training him on how to use the product. All support calls will be answered and a knowledge base is built of the problems faced by the customers that will help in answering the repeated questions faster.

Product Upgrade
Agni Software and Product partner can participate together and invest their respective resources in any one of the above phases of product development as agreed upon by both the parties. Agni works on royalty basis, and the percentage will depend on the resource sharing.

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