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All softwares require an enormous amount of testing, and customers today dictate that you must test your product in the maximum number of scenarios before they use it. To do this, is an expensive affair, considering the number of platforms available in the market today. Plus, it involves having large resources of manpower and hardware to test your product. At Agni, we can build test labs for you in a more cost-effective manner to perform regular tests of your products:

  1. White box testing: When you’re developing a solution, you need to have it tested right from the beginning. We’ll help with unit testing, code integrity tests, memory checking and other tests during the development process.

  2. Black Box testing: Your customer never gets a product with debug code in it – so any deployment should first be tested as a product before the customer sees it. We will test your software in our labs and have our test team build automated scripts that will smoke out any bugs.

  3. Platform and integration testing: You need to test your software on multiple platforms, and with multiple versions of the software you integrate it with. We can do this for you, and in a repeatable manner that ensures your product gets continually tested for bugs.

  4. Code quality assurance: We can perform code reviews and code quality checks on your source code that ensures that coding guidelines, sanity checks and code reuse is optimal in your software.

We can provide bug reports in a format that your team can gain maximum productivity benefits.

All softwares need to be documented, and every document needs to adhere to certain guidelines. Agni Software offers documentation services that can help you build, maintain and manage your product documentation and literature. Our copywriters and proofreading processes will ensure that you get quality documentation. We can provide:

  1. User manuals
  2. Design document templates and architecture diagrams
  3. Database documentation
  4. Web site literature
  5. White papers

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