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To help you effectively market your solution, Agni Software offers marketing services that cover areas of:

  1. Evaluating strategies for customer acquisition:
    We have worked with a number of acquisition techniques, including:
    a. Direct Mail
    Conference stalls
    Mass media advertising
    Closed group seminars
    You can utilize our services to help build a strategy that works for your product.

  2. Pre-sales management:
    Your marketing team will need to co-ordinate effectively to get the maximum conversion rate from your leads. We have written and used software for pre-sales marketing that can reduce lead conversion time and share customer knowledge within your marketing team.

  3. Customer Relationship management:
    The biggest source of new customers, in our experience is our existing customer references. Therefore, it’s as important to maintain and grow existing relationships, as it is to build new ones. We have built our own solution that can help you give your customers the best experience throughout. We will also enhance our solution for your requirements.

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