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Selling a product isn’t enough – you have to provide the best support to your customers. It’s also important to have a maintenance and upgrade plan, which will give you additional revenue. But building a support team can be expensive and difficult to maintain; moreover it is a strain on your existing team.

Agni Software will provide you with a team that will perform the first level support tasks. So your development team can focus on upgrades and bug fixes, while only having to handle customer queries that are escalated from our support team. This translates to lesser manpower requirements and better support responses!

We can also help you train your users. Our training team will get the initial feedback from your marketing and development team, and then build a training schedule to train your customers. We can also build training manuals, handouts and presentations for use while training, and build a course that will ensure that your customers know all they need to use your product.

Our support and training initiatives, in conjunction with our other services such as consulting, software development and maintenance, offer you a complete and cost-effective solution to your product management.

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