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In any company, there are processes and practices continuously followed. There are times when they are not being followed too. Let us analyse your processes and working and give you feedback on how to improve your company. We can help you:

  1. Gain insights into how you can improve productivity by reducing effort on some redundant tasks. We will also analyse your systems and propose infrastructure additions that will increase your productivity and therefore, improve your bottom line.

  2. Evaluate Bottlenecks: Usually in production you may have bottlenecks that reduce output. We can help you overcome your problems by:
    a. Identifying bottlenecks
    b. Suggesting methods for better utilization of the bottleneck
    c. Help you reduce your load on the bottleneck by subverting all previous operations to the bottleneck’s speed.

  3. Add intelligence to your data analysis, so that you are able to get more value out of your reports and charts. Technically we can add:
    a. OLAP processing: We can analyze your data and help you build OLAP based cubes that will give you a multi-dimensional view of your business.
    b. Drill down analysis: Make more informed decisions by analyzing data from the top down, and drilling into details wherever necessary.
    c. Decision support systems: You may need alerts or triggers, which react to your data constantly – ensuring that you know when certain limits are being breached. This could be critical (as in for manufacturing process alerts) or bottom line driven (cash flow triggers etc.)
    d. Workflow analysis: In many systems work needs to flow from one operation to the next – in such cases it’s vital to analyze the health of each operation and of the process as a whole. You may need indications of this health constantly, and we can help you visualize the real-time operations of your system.

  4. Requirements Analysis: What if you need a new software solution, and you need help in pinning down exactly what you need? Agni has a solution for you – we offer requirements collection and gathering services where we will build the requirements documents based on your input. We will:
    a. Talk to your key personnel and gauge the current processes, and what they would require to make their job more efficient.
    b. Analyze our past experiences with similar companies or processes and build on them to arrive at a specification.
    c. Write a detailed Requirements Study and/or specification that you can use as a starting point for getting proposals for building your product.
    d. Manage the requirements through a development process.

Architecture and Design
When a requirement study is available it’s important to architect a solution so that it is:

  1. Scalable: You can have more users connected by just plugging in additional hardware (application changes are not required)
  2. Robust: The application will remain available at all times, and data integrity will always be maintained.
  3. Responsive: The application will respond in a timely manner to user input.
  4. Testable: Throughout the development process, the application will remain testable for the parameters above.

We can help you in the architecture and design process, in the above parameters and for every other requirement that you may have. Our experience in building quality solutions gives us the knowledge to design large applications that will ensure quality and reliability.

We can also help you design templates, code formatting guidelines, working algorithms and component choices for your product. If you need help evaluating third party components or technologies for your projects, talk to us; we have worked with a number of third party technologies and can help you in the evaluation process.

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