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Other Technical Projects




CNI Corporation
CNI Business Automation Solution

The network of CNI follows a hierarchical level wherein the head office is at the top and the customers (Distributors) are at the bottom. The solution keeps track of purchases, stocks, sales, accounts, etc till almost the end of the network. The solution calculates the different types of sales/stock values related to the network and the commissions on sales too. Promotional schemes given to entities lower down the hierarchy is another aspect taken care of by the solution. Data can be imported or exported from one level in the hierarchy to the other.


This is a small solution provided for the smooth calculation and running of the tax department of CNI. TDS or Tax deducted at source is for the distributors of CNI Network. Every month, as the commissions are paid to the distributors, system generated vouchers are created by the system. One voucher is for booking expenses (journal voucher) and the other for payments (bank payment voucher). Options to calculate TDS for a particular account, Form 16A generation and Tax Return Forms (26J, 26B, 26C) generation are also provided.

CNI Production

This solution maps the production of Ginseng Coffee and Tahalia Tea, two of the main and many products of CNI. The production process of CNI is machine oriented. The raw materials procured are moved into stores and then on batch basis transferred to the shop floor. Apart from the batch wise production of tea/coffee, the solution also incorporates the production planning of raw material and machines. Worker efficiency is calculated and managed. Variance of actual production as against the expected is also captured. The system also generates various other stock and production based reports.









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