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Other Technical Projects




We have implemented many other projects, a few of which are listed below:

Delphi VCL Components
We have developed plenty of VCL components for varied purposes, some for internal usage in various projects and some for the shareware/commercial segment. Our components include data aware components, UI enhancing components, utility components, system level components etc. Some of the key components include

1.1 Simple SMTP Mail
This component can send email to a user (or a list of users) given an (or their) email address, a subject and a message body. This component uses sockets to send SMTP commands (as per RFC) to communicate with the SMTP server.

1.2 Tray Icon
The Tray Icon is a very simple component, which allows a programmer to place an icon on the tray portion of the Windows task bar. One can also associate a popup menu, which will appear when a right mouse button is clicked on the icon on single and double mouse clicks.

1.3 Catch It
Use Catch-it to trap any windows messages to controls and components. Delphi does not allow graceful handling of Windows messages, unless you use the events provided by it. Catch-it allows you to trap any Windows message and handle it in your own procedure. You can manage all these procedures visually...this is the true value in Catch-it.

MAPI mail client
This is a mail client that parallels the Microsoft Exchange Client. It can perform regular functions of any mail client like logging on, sending and receiving messages, intimation on arrival of new mail, opening of a custom PST (Personal Storage) file and configuring profiles. In addition, the program supports In-place activation of OLE objects, particularly those specific to a business automation package that this mail client will be provided with. For example, on receiving an invoice by email, the mail client will bring the invoice within the same window as the email text (not as an attachment). This program supports email addresses stored in Personal Address Book (PAB) files generated by Microsoft Exchange and those in the contact database in the Business Automation Package. Messages can be sent to individual recipients or to a personal mailing list.
This program was made using the OLE messaging library (IMAPI). Simple MAPI proved too rudimentary for such an application.









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