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Priyadarshini Filaments Pvt. Ltd
Production Master Flow Chart

The production master flow chart tracks the entire production workflow of Priyadharshini Filaments Pvt. Ltd. HDPE, Colour Pigments and Master Batches (a combination of Colour Pigments and HDPE) are the raw materials used to manufacture the Yarn. This Mono Filament yarn is then sent to Fabricators (Job workers) who weave the Fabric. The Fabric thus received from them is first inspected and then packed in Rolls and then baled. Fabric is sold in all forms (Loose Fabric, Rolls and Bales). Other items that are sold are Filaments and HDPE. The solution not only tracks the entire workflow, but also the document flow of their production processes. It gives various stock, purchase, sales, production and job working reports/ analysis, which help the management in their monthly, quarterly, yearly executive study and scrutiny.








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